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Using Barrel Pierced to Clip On Earring Converters

Barrel or Post Pierced to Clip On Earring Converters are a popular way of making stud pierced earrings wearable by anyone! They have an important feature that might make you choose them over a no bend and that is that the earring will sit high up on the earlobe once converted from pierced to clip on. With […]

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Are You Getting The Itch for Jewellery?

One of the biggest complaints people have about jewellery is that it makes their skin itch. Worse still, some people get rashes, turn colour and even start to feel unwell. What’s that all about? Why does it happen and what can you do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you? First off let’s get […]

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The Easiest Way to Soften Pinching Clip On Earrings

There are several different types of clip on earring fastening and whilst all bar mini clips can be adjusted using a clip on earrings adjustment key, there is also a very easy way to make Shepard’s hook style clip on earrings more comfortable to wear. Just for those of you thinking what the Shepard’s hook are […]

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Bend or no bend clip on earring converters?

I often get people ask me should I use a bend or a no bend clip on earring converter? For those of you new to this conversation, a clip on earring converter allows you to change a pierced earring into a clip on earring so that you do not have to have pierced ears to […]

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How to stop clip on earrings being so tight

Have you found that your clip on earrings pinch your ear lobes? Sometimes they pinch straight away, others seem to take a while before really beginning to nip by the end of the night.Why are they always so tight? There’s a good reason for clip on earrings being so tight. It’s because clip on earrings […]

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